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Types of binder tabs

There are a number of factors to consider when buying binder tabs. Choosing durable materials can go a long way in extending the life of your binder and its materials. Being able to control the color, collation, size and text of a binder tab will make you happier with your binder, which will make organizing both more enjoyable and more effective.

Below is a guide to help you understand the binder tab options on the market today.


Most vendors will allow you to choose the material that makes up both the tabs and the paper.

The accompanying paper is generally available in two densities (usually 90 and 110 pounds), with the higher density being stronger and more durable due to its thickness. Glossy paper is also often available if something a little shinier is to your liking.

For the tabs, the options are limited to plain paper and Mylar. Mylar, a durable polyester film, tends to last longer than plain paper and is resistant to moisture, pollutants, oils, and acids.

Both tabs and paper are also available in a number of colors. This allows for easy color coding, which often helps people do everything from staying organized to inducing healthy food choices.


Binder Tabs Configuration A   Binder tabs come in four different configurations, depending on the desired location and orientation of the tabs. Style A orients the tab such that the bottom of the tab's text sits toward the inside of the binder.
If you've ever used binders for school, this is probably the orientation you've used.
Binder Tabs Configuration B   Style B orients the tab so that it is legible when the binder is held vertically. If you're sorting vertically-oriented documents in a binder, this style is ideal, since you don't need to turn your
head to read the tab.
Binder Tabs Configuration C-L & C-R   Styles C-L and C-R are especially useful when your binder opens
upward. This is frequently the case for actors, for instance, as scripts are often photocopied in a landscape orientation. Style C-L tabs situate the first tab on the left, whereas C-R tabs situate the first tab on the right.

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