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The Terminology of tabs

Tag Terminology Familiarizing yourself with tag terminology will help you order exactly the tabs you have in mind.

Before you rush off to purchase or create your own binder tabs, it's important to familiarize yourself with tab jargon lest you misunderstand and order the wrong tabs. To save you that needless hassle, we've put together a list of a few important terms and their definitions.

  • Mylar Coating: Durable vinyl coating that reinforces the paper tab.

  • Bank: A bank refers to a single row of tabs. You can have multiple tabs on a bank or just a few (the minimum and maximum amounts differs by store).

  • Cut: Similar to bank, but this term refers to the row of tabs using fractions instead of whole numbers. For instance, a divider with four tabs would be expressed as 1/4-cut.

  • Reinforced Drilled Edge: Pages can be reinforced with Mylar to improve durability.

  • Collation: Tabs can be assembled into a specific order—uncollated (same alignment), collated (ascending order), collated reverse (descending order), and collated double reverse (descending order and double-sided).

  • Punching: Paper can be pre-punched with holes or left un punched. Pre-punched may save you time.

  • Double-Sided Printing: Printing on both sides of the tab.

  • Divider: A partition between two areas.

With these definitions in mind, you'll be able to enter the world of tabs with confidence. Knowledge of these terms not only hastens the process of customizing, it also helps ensure your order is accurate.

Creating custom tabs for your binders online The terminology of tabs Using binders creatively Getting organized with binders
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